William Leet

611 Biltmore Drive

 Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Phone (702) 205-5063




Owned and operated various Audio, Lighting and Backline companies. Portable systems for public speaking, corporate events and bands. Designed custom install systems for casinos, nightclubs, showrooms, churches and lounges.

Network and PC maintenance and repair.

Room Modeler designer, AMX Programmer Designer and Installer,

Bose Designer &Programmer, Crestron Programmer, Extron Programmer, Key Digital Programmer, Yamaha digital console programmer,

Website design and maintenance.



2004-present                 System Services, Inc                    Las Vegas, NV

Lead Audio/Video Technician / Programmer, Designer

§         Design integrated Audio/Video and control systems

·         Network and Telephony installation ad programming

·         Install Audio/Video/Security/Control systems

·         Design and program AMX/Bose/Crestron/Extron/KeyDigital systems

·         Install and program DVR and NVR systems

·         Install and wire rack systems

·         Install and wire CCTV systems

·         Certifications from AMX, Bose, Crestron, Extron, KeyDigital, Yamaha and others


2003-2006                 City of North Las Vegas                North Las Vegas, NV

Lead Audio Technician / Class Instructor

§         Setup of portable stage and sound system

·         Sound engineer for all acts/shows

·         Drive 5th wheel truck for mobile stage

§        Training others in setup and operation


2003-2006                 BTR Music Services                         Las Vegas, NV


Lead Audio Technician / Backline Technician

§     Design, assemble, transport and operate various audio, backline and lighting packages on a custom basis

§     Indoor and outdoor venues include Mandalay Bay, Four Seasons, Excalibur, MGM, Paris, Aladdin, Boulder Station, Santa Fe Station, Barley’s Casino, Wild, Wild West casino, Fitzgerald’s, Lady Luck and more.


2001-2003                     Studio Instrument Rentals          Las Vegas, NV

Lead Audio Technician / Backline Technician/PC Technician

§     Audio and Backline responsibilities standard as above

§     Created and maintained peer-to-peer PC network and VPN WAN network.

§     Maintained mass Email and contact list.

§     Designed and implemented website.





2000-2001                     Mahoney’s Pro Music                Las Vegas, NV

Lead Audio Technician / Backline Technician

§     Audio and Backline responsibilities standard as above

Networking and PC Technician

§     Created and maintained a peer-to-peer PC network to supplement the existing UNIX/TYLER point of sale system in place.

§     Responsibilities included assembly and repair of PC systems, wiring and connecting PCs, hubs, routers and other network components, installing software and help desk support.

§     Ebay clearance sales – sold at cost over $90,000 of old inventory, freeing the capitol for investment in newer inventory.


1997-2000                     N&S_Vending                              Pittsburgh, PA

Programmer / Audio installation / Service Technician

§        Designed and programmed custom video game systems

§        Designed and Installed custom audio systems for nightclubs and bars

·         Video game Service technician.







1997                             PEAK Technical Services            Pittsburgh, PA

IT / PC and Networking technician

§     Installed and maintained UNIX, Windows NT and Novell Networks

§     Assembled and programmed workstations and server PCs

§     Help Desk – for all software used including Microsoft - Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Corel WordPerfect, QuattroPro and custom recruiting software.

§     Setup and maintained Windows and Novell networks.



1994-1997                     General Nutrition Centers           Pittsburgh, PA




Retail Manager

§     Responsibilities included opening and closing stores, creating and receiving computerized orders, initiating and receiving inter-store transfers, all types of sales and returns. These duties require complete familiarity with the IBM 4694 point-of-sale (POS) system including wide area networking (WAN).

§     Took the number 43 store in a region of 44 to 39 in the first year with a BLY (beat last year) of over 25%.


1988-1997                     JEWL Sound & Lighting              Pittsburgh, PA

Owner / Chief technician

§     Owned and operated Audio and Lighting Solutions Company. Portable PA and Lighting for public speaking, bands and corporate events.

§     Notable clientele includes John Sebastian, Queen Ida, QueensRyche, Suicidal Tendencies, The Henry Rollins Band, Ike Turner Jr. and many more.

1992-1996                     M&M Vending                            Pittsburgh, PA

Chief Programmer

§     Designed and programmed custom video games.

§     Programmed embedded systems








AMX Certified Designer

AMX Certified Installer

Crestron Programmer

Key Digital C3 programmer

Bose Certified RoomMatch / PowerMatch Technician

Bose Certified Modeler System Designer

Yamaha digital console certification






                        Jeffery C. Bower                       Owner Digital Media Co-Op                                (702) 794-0690


                        Michael Mahoney                      Owner System Services, Inc.                  (702) 645-8415


                       Terry Berkey                   Manager Studio Instrument Rentals        (702) 382-9147